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Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Learn AI Together—The Largest AI Discord Community

Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Learn AI Together—The Largest AI Discord Community

Last Updated on June 7, 2022 by Editorial Team

The largest AI discord community, Learn AI Together, has been acquired by Towards AI
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Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Learn AI Together — The Largest AI Discord Community

  • Learn AI Together is a highly engaged community of 25,000 AI developers and enthusiasts.
  • The acquisition accelerates Towards AI’s plans to democratize access to AI and build the key community and platform for sharing AI skills, knowledge and developments.

Towards AI, a leading online community and platform for content sharing on AI, is announcing the acquisition of the Learn AI Together Discord Community. Learn AI Together was founded by Louis Bouchard in June 2020 and has rapidly grown to become the largest Discord community focused on AI. Learn AI Together was started on the premise that learning is way more fun when you learn and work together with other people. It provides a platform to help each other, ask questions, brainstorm and discuss the latest news and developments in AI. Louis Bouchard will join the Towards AI team as a co-founder and Head of Community. The community features active discussion channels on topics such as: AI, machine learning, deep learning, ethics in AI, computer vision, healthcare AI, paper discussions and daily AI news. It brings together people from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience and offers a valuable “village square” for sharing ideas and opinions across the AI community. Please join us!

Towards AI, Inc. is led by Louie Peters, Co-founder and CEO, commenting on the acquisition, said,

“Louis has been a regular contributor to Towards AI for several years and shares our vision of increasing the accessibility of AI. We have long been fans of his blogs, educational AI Youtube channel and Discord Community. Our goals closely align and we felt there are many ways Learn AI Together and Towards AI could compliment each other.”

Louis Bouchard, Learn AI Together Founder, who will join Towards AI as a shareholder, co-founder and Head of Community, said:

“I’ve long been a fan of the Towards AI platform. Louie’s vision for the project is a close fit to my goals at What’s AI and Learn AI Together and I’m really excited to come onboard with the combined project.

In discussions with the community, it often comes up that we lacked organized events, but also more professional support to help manage the community and answer all questions as the community scales rapidly. I believe our merger with Towards AI will answer all these needs and help us further improve the community with more resources. Our community won’t change a bit; we simply plan on improving it with more financial and human resources while keeping up with the growing amount of members and engagement, providing collaborative projects, and more useful content.”

Since its new investment and leadership transition, earlier this year Towards AI has quickly expanded the team and progressed on plans to improve content quality, grow contributors and followers, begun development of more in-depth educational resources and progressed plans to help solve pain points for both AI developers and AI companies in the job application and hiring process.

The addition of Louis Bouchard further strengthens the Towards AI team while the acquisition of Learn AI Together brings another 25,000 people into the Towards AI Community and significantly accelerates Towards AI’s community growth plans. Towards AI and Learn AI Together will work together to build an engaged, inclusive and mutually beneficial community of AI enthusiasts and experts. It will be developed as the key AI community and platform for sharing AI skills, knowledge and developments, allowing students, engineers, entrepreneurs, academics and others to work collaboratively to make AI accessible to all.

Commenting on plans for the community going forward, Louie Peters said,

“At Towards AI we are building an AI community first and foremost and answering its needs with resources, not the other way around. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline including materials for introductory and continuous learning in the AI field, together with projects to solve pain points faced by the AI community such as in the hiring process. We believe there are many ways we can help each other as we receive feedback, guidance and support from the community towards these projects while we make sure our projects provide the most value back to the community.

Louis will continue to lead the community as before while we plan on slowly transitioning Learn AI Together to being more integrated with the broader “Towards AI” platform and community. We will invest more time, ideas and financial resources into the community to offer courses, events, discussion sessions, competitions, resources, and lots of exciting stuff useful for learning AI and preparing for and finding jobs in the industry.”

Please come and join us and introduce yourself at the Learn AI Together Discord.

About Towards AI, Inc.

Since 2019 Towards AI has provided an open platform for sharing information, educational content and research on AI. It has more than 2,000 authors and benefits from hundreds of thousands of followers in the AI community. The platform is a leading educational resource and community for AI leaders, practitioners and students. Towards AI strives to publish unbiased AI and technology-related articles and to work only with sponsors on highly relevant content and in a transparent manner. Towards AI offers a unique space to service AI and technology clients with their marketing and distribution efforts and has worked with leading corporate and institutional sponsors, including Amazon Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Snorkel AI, Lambda Labs, Superb AI and Gather AI.

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