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How Android App Development Benefits Startups & Businesses.
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How Android App Development Benefits Startups & Businesses.

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Sophia Martin

Originally published on Towards AI.

Do you know mobile phone users are spending about 87% of their time in various mobile applications as compared to just 13% on the web app?

Android, being the most widely used mobile phone operating system, is the first preference of the mobile app development companies for creating the applications.

With the affordability of smartphones, women, men, and children from all across the world are also connected digitally. These smartphones not only allow us to communicate with our near or dear ones also help us in getting lots of information from the internet, as well as getting them working with just a few clicks. Now mobile phone users can sell and buy products as well as services. The power to get different types of services and buy the desired products is now in the palm of your hand, thanks to mobile applications.

Steady growth in smartphone users:

According to a January 2018 report of Statista, there are more than 3.7 billion mobile phone users in the world. In addition to this, smartphones account for approximately 50% of the total global Internet usage volume. There are several reports that suggest the number of smartphone users is still increasing with an exponential rate worldwide.

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, mobile phone applications have become a crucial aspect of the operation of businesses. Mobile phone applications are simply software programs that are developed for mobile applications such as iOS, Android, etc. Today almost all sizes of companies have an online presence to remain competitive; hence, they need a mobile application to help in this regard.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business:

Businessmen can get a wide array of benefits by launching a unique mobile app, ideally created by a quality application development company.

Some of the advantages of mobile applications for businesses are given below:

1. Create & increase your subscribers:

Apps are a great way to have a direct and continuous relationship with your potential, new, and existing customers.

2. Improve brand awareness:

A large number of people use mobile applications; Therefore, Android or iOS app development by hiring a reputable company helps in increasing brand awareness and capturing a large customer base. Users spend hours on the phone screen throughout the day. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve your brand identity and visibility.

3. An easy way to shop online:

The apps allow business owners to send offers that enable users to make purchases quick and fast with 24/7 availability.

4. Constant Customer Connectivity:

The scope of traditional shopping in shops and malls is getting reduced day by day, where mobile apps are coming in, where people are connected to shop and also get great offers. Applications connect customers with service providers and offer products/services at their doorstep.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Customers:

Mobile apps provided by the most reliable and efficient app development companies are benefiting customers a lot.

Below are some important benefits for customers.

1. Smooth Sale:

Shopping through the app is now preferred over traditional online shopping. Customers do not have to fill in relevant information every time they shop online. These apps also keep a record of consumer preferences.

2. Constant Communication:

Now, using mobile apps provided by android app development company or iOS App Development Company has become a source of continuous communication as business owners can send notifications of exciting events and attractive offers directly to their customers’ mobiles. It is an effective method of promotion compared to traditional promotional and marketing methods.

3. Ease of Access:

Apps are the fastest and best way for customers to buy products as well as receive services. The presence of apps is essential for your business to increase efficiency. The app also reduces the processing time of orders placed by consumers. Therefore, it has become necessary to obtain app development services from a reliable company.

Why choose Android App Development?

In recent years, Android mobile apps became widely used, and one of the most reliable apps worldwide as a large number of companies are using mobile apps customized to their specific business needs. The most recent analyses and studies have shown that business professionals prioritize Android application development in order to meet their various business requirements. Hence, Android app development services have gained significant importance.

Why choose the Android app development option?

Mobile applications have opened a new path for this competitive market. Nowadays, companies find a better way to communicate with their potential customers and inform them about products and services on time with the mobile app.

An important decision is to choose an ideal platform for a business-driven mobile application.

Below are some of the advantages of Android mobile app development:

  • The most popular platform with the largest market share
  • The most viable and revenue-driven platform
  • Consistent and Smooth User-Experience
  • A business-centric platform
  • Easy and fast application development
  • Suitable for high returns for investment
  • Compatible across all Android-based devices.
  • Cutting edge work
  • Better protection
  • Android application is the best for global business

Let’s discuss some benefits of Android app development in detail:

Ample of Opportunities

Millions of Android apps are downloaded every day by smartphone users across the world from the Google play store. This indicates that users are looking for more innovative apps that can meet their needs in an easier and faster way.

Most of the companies are hiring Android app developers to build applications specific to their business. If startup companies focus on Android application development by installing the right resources in place & demonstrate their ability to innovate using the Android platform, there may be a plethora of opportunities in the market.

High return on investment

As Android is a platform, the development cost is very low as mobile app developers can access the SDK and all kinds of development tools for free.

Not only this, there is a large pool of Android mobile app developers available in the market with updated skills. The investment a startup needs to make its resources and mobile app marketing. In return, the app provides a greater chance of making profits.

Higher Productivity

Mobile app developers can save their efforts using the Android application development platform, as there are a large number of code libraries that are widely available for use. Such readily available scripts require to be run, which in turn saves lots of amounts of time creating a particular feature. Hence, app developers in India can achieve higher productivity and launch mobile applications faster in the market, which enhances the time for marketing the product.

Open App Distribution Globally

Android mobile apps are sold and distributed on the Google Play Store in the world’s largest open market.

In Q1 2017 over 11.1 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play Store.

This helps you to control how you publish the mobile application, whenever you want and as often as you desire. You can decide whether to publish a mobile app in specific target areas or all across the world.

This lets you decide whether to sell the mobile app at a cost or for free of cost. Since you have all the controls to market your mobile app, you can run the business in your own way.

Feature-Rich Applications

The Android mobile app development platform offers easy in-house customization in order to make your mobile app more dynamic in order to meet business requirements. With open-source code libraries and a set of development tools, an application can be made interactive and feature-rich. The more features the mobile app offers with a user-friendly design, the more clients prefer to download the same.


Every business has many different procedures for managing its operations process. In order to manage different tasks simultaneously, many systems are working hands-on and need to create enterprise-grade mobile apps that are differentiable and compatible with third-party apps running cross-platform.

In addition to this, Android has proven to be the best platform to successfully create enterprise grade mobile apps that can interoperate with mobile apps on a cross-platform.

Easily Available Resources

Not only is the Android App Development SDK readily available, but expert Android app developers are also easy nowadays. Which helps startup firms to recruit the necessary skills in less time and start work. Even in terms of attachment, startups can find replacements easily. Hence, if you choose an Android mobile app development platform, then human resource skills needs can be met easily.

Publicity & Customer Reach

This is one of the major benefits for the business of an Android application, which you can get open promotion on Google Play. Millions of people visit Google Play each and every day, which gives your mobile application to view. You can also opt for marketing plans on the Google Play Store to promote your mobile application and get high downloads.

Mobile application startups have limited resources and budgets, which need to be used strategically in order to achieve an optimal output. Therefore, the Android app platform is the best development platform for creating and maintaining mobile applications. In addition to this, the Android mobile app market is booming, making Android an even more preferred platform for launching a mobile app in the market. Having your mobile app on the Android platform gives you a wider reach to worldwide customers. So, if you have a mobile app startup, then focusing on the Android platform can be your profit yielding tool.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Smartphone apps are a great way to perform various functions of the business. These can be Informal App, Entertainment App, Beauty App, Commerce App, Laundry Services App, Home Services App, etc.

These mobile apps help in buying so many things. Almost every business is taking an online turn in order to occupy a significant share of the market as most people prefer to use mobile phones in order to buy or sell products. Smartphone mobile apps provide convenience and efficiency to all types of businesses, large and small, to manage their customers and increase overall sales.

Generally, the two major platforms Android and iOS occupy the entire market share. However, the platform choice depends on the demographic data of consumers.

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